Polynesian Bamboo Hut 8 x 11 - ES-18

Tiki Spa Hut / Tiki Concession Stand

Our Polynesian Bamboo Hut is perfect as a spa/hot tub enclosure. Can also be used commercially as a tropical-themed concession stand. Our Polynesian Bamboo Hut is delivered in a convenient panelized ready to assemble format which is securely packaged for shipment anywhere in the world. The two-tier roof adds a distinctive profile to a traditional roof style. The eight-panel bamboo roof is constructed with bamboo tile on top of solid bamboo plywood.

Easily accommodates standard spa and hot tubs while adding a touch of elegant tropical theme to your relaxation. Four-side counters can be lowered to either side of the wall depending on the layout of your spa. Our Polynesian Bamboo Hut can also be used commercially as a concession stand by camps, amusement parks, beach clubs, country clubs and swim clubs to name just a few.


 Polynesian Bamboo Hut 10 x 11 - ES-19

Key Features

  • We use natural professionally processed bamboo for long lasting beauty and structural integrity
  • Two different size huts to suite your taste each with a open or semi -enclosed gate.
  • Also great as a garden outdoor rest place centerpiece
  • Shipped with mostly pre-assembled pieces
  • The ES-18 has a diameter of 8' and is 10’ high. The ES-19 has a diameter of 10' and is 11' high.
  • Bamboo blind add-on to the side wall panels for additional privacy
8' Polynesian Bamboo Hut -  ES-18

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10' Polynesian Bamboo Hut - ES-19

Only $3,900
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