Our Tanlines Extreme Condition In-the-Pool Pool Table will provide tons of Endless Summer Sun fun! Made for your backyard pool or perfect for commercial applications at resorts and hotels. This unique one-of-a-kind table will be the hit of your party or an attraction at your establishment!

The Tanlines Pool table is built to weather climate changes from freezing temperatures to excessive heat. We offer the original owner a lifetime warranty on our Tanlines table!

Our tables are made exclusively from exterior corrosion resistant materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, slate, fabric specially engineered to be in outdoor environments and electrostatic applied state-of-the-art finish engineered to be resistant to extreme elements. These products have all been tested and proven for years to be the absolute best for any outdoor condition.

Here is some more information on the materials used to build our amazing Tanlines In-the-Pool Pool Table!

Slate Beds – The bed of the table is the surface and is where trueness and playability begin. If the bed is not perfect playability will not be. Slate beds have been used for pool table beds for years and there have been attempts to use other materials to replace this heavy rock with a lighter more suitable substance that is easier to move and gives equal playability. So far this has not happened! Slate will not and cannot be replaced by cement fiber substrates, partial boards, wood substrates, fiberglass sheets or any other materials. Slate can be mined from many different countries such as Italy, Brazil and China. All have similar characteristics and consistencies. Most slates are machined to within  .002 - .010 (ten thousandths) of an inch tolerance - mostly .002-.005 or better which can’t and will never be duplicated by other products. Slate tolerances withstand weather changes and all temperatures. We experimented with several types of fiber substrate and fiberglass filled cements, fiber boards, MDF boards and even marine grade plywood's built-up veneers and everything that we could think of. Nothing ever came close to slate in playability or longevity tests. We are convinced that until some miracle product comes along Slate is the only bed for a pool table!

Rubber Cushions – Cushions can and always will be a factor in all pool tables, especially one that sits in the water. The consistency of play and longevity are main concerns in this game and we have tested them both. There are many types and styles of rubber rail bumpers available to pool table manufacturers with quality and specifications to be considered. We have chosen a gum rubber k-66 profile (meaning the angle of the cushion in relation to the contact of the ball). We also have utilized the corrected-ball contact point of 1.40 inches from the bed which is consistent with professional and tournament designed pool tables. We have tested the longevity of rail rubber in high heat and wet conditions with the result being a long life because they are covered with waterproofed "sunbrella cloth" that repels water and shields and cools the rail rubber. We find this cloth prevents the damaging UV rays of the sun from attacking the cushion rubber. We have had tables in service for years and find no problems with the rail rubber going bad. We also have eliminated the use of wood as backing for our rails as we use a urethane composite rail backer to adhere our rail cushions which provides an excellent bond between the rubber cushion and the rail. Wood found on other outdoor tables absorb moisture and can release the glues making the rails play somewhat soggy and “dead”. Our tables provide great rail response even after years and years in direct sunlight.

Felt – Generally, felt is a consumable item like all pool table cloth. On an indoor table felt usually lasts 3-4 years in household use and 6-12 months in commercial applications. Our outdoor felt is 100% acrylic and is resistant to fading, rot, mildew and tearing. Our felt will generally last 3-5 years with general care. The cloth we use exclusively is warranted by the manufacturer for 3 years against all the above and we will replace the fabric absolutely free during that period. This is better than any indoor pool table cloth available in the world!

SIZE - 4’W x 8’L x 39” H
WEIGHT – Approximately 600 LBS
FELT COLOR – Red (Please call for other options)

Included with your Pool Table Purchase:

  • Tanlines Ball Set
  • 2 Fiberglass Cues
  • Triangle, Chalk and Brush,
  • Fitted Cover, Squeegee and Video Care CD
  • Play-Pool Info Book
  • Care and Maintenance Guide

Get ready to shoot some pool….in the pool!!

4’W x 8’L x 39” H

Only $5,900
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